Pretty Peepers Cabaret


Glitta Supernova presents Pretty Peepers Cabaret;

Showcasing the Superstars of the queer underworld alongside emerging creatives. Pretty Peepers Cabaret “the Queer Variety Show” is back from its last magnificent sell-out season to again shake Sydneysiders into the subversive world of the creative bent.

Sunday 27th November – Marvel in wonder and delight at a line up containing more glamor than you could poke your mascara wand at;

Fancy Piece, Imogen Kelly, Pluto Savage, Betty Grumble, Suede & Mike, Christa Hughes, Aaron Manhattan, Solid Gold, Ryan Jace, the soundtrax of DJ Sveta and your hostess with the moistest you know what… Glitta Supernova.

Sizzle your senses into a psychedelic joy ride of inspiration.