New York’s queer celebrities give me some love

I’ve been fortunate to be able to DJ for a lot of my heroes and feel privileged that they have endorsed my upcoming visit.

DJ Sveta is the Queen of the Underworld, the “down under world,” and I can’t wait for her to light up the night in New York City, setting our sleepy hollow ablaze with Sapphic Domination!!!

Mx Justin Vivian Bond (Cabaret Entertainer)

DJ Sveta is surely what would happen if a pop tart and a Teutonic electro nerd had a hot Russian lesbian baby with great eye make-up. I can’t stop bopping when she comes on my IPod.

Alan Cumming, Actor

In an age when most kids think adding “DJ” to their Facebook profile makes them one, DJ Sveta is one. A good one. A real one. Her knowledge of music old and new is astounding, and her DJ skills are second to none. She lights up any size room like Crocodile Dundee, daring people not to have a great time. To resist dancing when Sveta is playing is futile….DJ Sveta has the best tits in the business!

Johnny Dynell

Sveta is one of Australia’s finest Djs and knows how to hit it hard but keeps the funky middle bumping! Don’t miss this extraordinary Dj and remixing talent when she hits NYC again!

Larry Tee (Superstar DJ/Producer)

Sveta is not just a DJ – she’s an ARTIST. She takes the beat reigns like a master and makes the party GO.

Amanda Palmer (Rock Star, half of The Dresden Dolls)

I live in New York. I’ve always got five hours of five-star DJ Sveta on my iPhone. They’re tagged fierce, hot, wet, and traveling. Trains, planes, subways, bedrooms — her mixes are a soundtrack for my life. I *live* for the summers when I can see her live onstage. And allow me to say, please: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

@katebornstein, author of Gender Outlaw, co-editor of Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation

She brings beats with the best of em and she never fails to Turn Me OUT!

DJ Nita

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