Production News

Recently, I have teamed up with the very talented and handsome DJ/Producer Adam Grace or DJ Tokoloshe as he’s known to produce some remixes.

This is an official remix we created for Amanda Palmer/Young Punx (feat Peaches) – Map of Tasmania.

We got Melbourne’s own Romy to add a rap to the song to make it extra Australian.Next up, we remixed a song called ‘Fast Chick’ for New York’s ErikaToure Aviance and changed it into an EPIC ‘90’s New York piano house anthem. The EP will be coming out on Itunes in a few weeks, so I’ll post that link as soon as the song is up.

For those people who have seen the documentary ‘Paris is Burning’ and understand the culture of ‘Houses’, Erika is part of the House of Aviance. This is the same House that has produced the talented Kevin Aviance and also the fierce New York DJ Nita.

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